Dr Tharaka Gunarathne is a Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist and Medical Educator who has moved into the Speaking and Training world. He delivers input to those in Business and Education to help maximise their performance and find a deeper fulfilment in life.

Utilising his professional insight into the human mind, health, interpersonal behaviour and principles of business psychology, he helps leaders, teams, staff and students be all they can be.

Delivering high-energy, engaging keynotes and training on Personal Development, Communication Skills and Leadership, he helps people develop high performance thinking patterns, emotional intelligence, a refreshed sense of purpose, superior motivation levels, effective presentation skills, and stronger team cohesion.

In 2016, Dr Tharaka landed a TEDx talk which proved to be the catalyst to working with businesses and organisations - requests arrived for him to speak at networking events, conferences, team away days and client shows. Since then he has had the privilege of delivering keynotes and working with companies in the FTSE 100, Creative Tech, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Human Resources, Secondary Schools and Charities.

Tharaka lives in Aberdeen with his wife and their three happy kids. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating out and keeping fit.


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