About Dr Tharaka

Dr. Tharaka

Co-Founder Dr. Tharaka.com, Clinical Psychiatrist, Speaker.

Known for his contagious enthusiasm, love for people and zeal for life, Dr. Tharaka is energised to speak life-enhancing messages with lasting impact. He has a vision to see individuals, businesses and organisations attain their goals, reach even greater success and believe for more. Since his debut talk at TEDx 2016, Tharaka has been invited to speak at various events across Aberdeen and Scotland to inspire people to ‘shift the way they think’ to step into the fullness of who they are and experience greater fulfilment in life.

Tharaka graduated from University of Aberdeen Medical School and has been working as a Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Educator. With his professional background in Psychiatry and Education, he has now taken his unique insights into the motivational-speaking world and is able to show you how to leverage your ‘thinking power’ to maximise your personal wellbeing and development, as well as enhance your positive impact on those around you!

Dr. Tharaka delivers uniquely energising content to audiences who have an appetite for growth, success, fulfilment and impact.

Highly engaging

Energising and enthusiastic

Relates to all audience

Loves people, love Life


Tharaka is married to his lovely wife, Isla, and they have three happy children. Tharaka enjoys spending time with family and friends, eating out and keeping fit!

Dr. Tharaka

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